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Jacob Conrad Williams

jacob CONRAD williams

is an award-winning producer/director that has been creating commercials and content for over 25 years. Over that time he has worked as a creative, a producer, a director as well as a stunt actor. 
With hundreds of commercials to his credit, from American Express to Volkswagen, working at agencies, production companies and cable networks he has honed the craft of creating visual stories that are impactful.  

Jacob began his production career began at WNAC-TV in Boston while attending Emerson College. Starting as a Floor Director and moving up to an Assistant Director in the control room, live TV taught Jacob a lot about making decisions in a pinch and helped him develop the instincts to not second guess. That experience gave him an internal glossary of actions and solutions focused at always moving a production toward creative excellence.
At WNAC-TV he was also exposed to film style production, producing a magazine show. Working as the entire support crew;  the assistant cameraman, sound, gaffer, AD, PA, and assistant editor may have been overwhelming yet it taught him the value of all the support positions in a production.. 

Taking that experience to New York, at commercial production companies he rose from PA to Executive Producer.

Well versed in the technical language of commercial filmmaking he worked closely with ad agencies and began his tenure as an agency producer and soon creative. 

His foray into directing took place on a Gain commercial for Procter and Gamble. Jacob captured "real consumers" instead of actors in a way that felt authentic and so relatable to the viewers that sales spiked. The project turned into a campaign of over 30 spots filmed nationally and got him noticed as a "people director."


Some of his clients and agencies include AT&T, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Burger King, Walmart, Grey Advertising, Y&R, Uniworld and BBDO to name a few.